1Channel.ch Causes Panic With Mystery Domain Failure

When it comes to streaming movie and TV show portals, 1Channel is one of the world’s largest. However, many of its users have been in a state of panic over the past 24 hours after the site’s domain disappeared from the web without warning.

1Channel.ch is one of the most popular streaming portals on the Internet. The site is ranked the 293rd most-visited website according to Alexa with millions of pageviews every single day.

However, over the past 24/36 hours, things haven’t been going to plan.

The site usually operates from the Swiss-based 1Channel.ch domain but for the past day at least and at the time of writing it remains completely non-functional.

The site’s operator has given no detailed explanation for the outage in response to our request for comment, but did offer the following announcement.

“We are having some issues with the 1channel.ch domain, please use letmewatchthis.ch domain in the mean time,” the site said.

LetMeWatchThis was the site’s former name, a brand which still appears on the site today.


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