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The latest version (4.13) of Limewire now includes BitTorrent support. Although the tweaking options are limited at this point, it is good to see that it is all working fine. BitTorrent support will be extended to the free version in the near future.

Limewire is not aiming to be the most sophisticated BitTorrent client, they just want to provide an extra service to the existing Limewire users. There is not a lot of info on the torrents while you are downloading. No tracker info, no seeds/peer ratio, only the number of sources you’re downloading from, and the download speed of the torrent.

BitTorrent download with Limewire

limewire and BitTorrent

Zlatin, one of the Limewire developers who’s working on the BitTorrent integration said earlier: “one of the advantages is that [Limewire users] don’t need to run a separate program to download the torrent and can manage their downloads in a consistent and unified manner from a single place”. He added that the more experienced “power users” will probably want to stick with their regular BitTorrent client, because these allow advanced management and the fine-tuning of various aspects of the torrent download.

The “limited” BitTorrent Configuration in Limewire

limewire BitTorrent

Limewire is using existing BT clients as a model for the implementation of BitTorrent. Zlatin told that they’ve snatched some clever idea’s (network-wise) from Azureus and the mainline client.

Although this first release is very basic, the plan to add more innovative features and options in the future.

Get the Beta version over here (changelog).


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