Megaupload Data May Soon Be Destroyed

Carpathia Hosting, the company where MegaUpload leased some of its servers, says that is may have to delete all Megaupload data in the near future.

“Despite our best efforts, the parties have been unable to work out a voluntary solution that meets the concerns of all the various parties who have claimed an interest in Megaupload’s data,” the company announced.

Megaupload’s host filed a motion at the court explaining that it can no longer wait till all the parties involved reach a solution.

Carpathia leased 1,103 servers with 25 petabytes of data to Megaupload, and now loses $9,000 a day while they are inactive.

carpathiaThe company requests the court to advise on how to proceed and sees two main options.

1. Delete all data and use the servers for other purposes.

2. Get the costs covered by the parties involved in the criminal case.

The hosting company asks the court to schedule a hearing on April 13 to discuss the matter.

For weeks now Megaupload has been negotiating with the Department of Justice to allow users access to their data, but thus far without a solution.


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