MPAA’s Aggressive Anti-Piracy Propaganda

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The MPAA is very active in recruiting America's youth for their war on piracy. The deadline for the their anti-piracy propaganda contest just passed. SIFE Students from all over America spent weeks filming mind numbing anti-piracy PSAs, resulting in some really bad, but hilarious clips.

Piracy is the greatest obstacle the film industry currently faces, according to MPAA Chairman Dan Glickman. “We remain committed to educating students, parents and all consumers to aggressively tackle the threat of piracy,” he said.

Some of the PSAs created by these students are indeed aggressive and horrific instead of educational. Below is an example of a clip that was sent in by students from Kirkwood Community College, for this years anti-propaganda contest. But I’m not sure if I’m supposed to laugh or cry.

More anti-piracy PSAs can be found over here. For people who are interested in really good and educational PSAs, take a look at the winners of the Anti-DRM contest. That’s what I call creative.


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