MPAA Applauds U.S. Government for Domain Seizures

The domain seizures by The Department of Justice (DOJ) and Homeland Security’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) have been widely reported in recent months. While a lot of people, press and politicians have criticized the actions, the MPAA and its partners are very pleased with the outcome.

The Hill reports that a group of movie outfits sent a letter to the responsible outfits, applauding their great work.

“Operation In Our Sites has not only put illegal sites out of business, but has raised public awareness about this specific form of crime on the Internet. Most importantly, these enforcement efforts have resulted in most of these entities ceasing their illegal activity,” the MPAA and other film industry outfits write.

ice“Movies and TV programs, some of the biggest draws on the Internet, are in many ways the ‘canary in the coal mine.’ Stealing and illegally selling this content may appear to be victimless crimes or a harmless form of theft, but they are neither,” the letter adds.

“If it is not made clear that this kind of activity is illegal, it has the potential to become the harbinger of even more forms of illegal activity on the Internet.”

In addition to praising the Government for the domain seizures, the movie outfits are also pleased with the white-paper published by President Obama’s so-called “IP Czar” Victoria Espinel two weeks ago. In the paper Espinel calls on Congress to make changes in order to make it easier to clamp down on copyright infringement.

Did we really expect to hear something else?


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