MPAA Hacks Torrentspy

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Torrentspy is suing the MPAA because an alleged hacker, hired by the MPAA, retrieved private information from the BitTorrent indexer.

Torrentspy decided earlier to take on the fight against the MPAA, but now they might have something that makes the guys from the MPAA look like total idiots.

The MPAA is using the “hacker” to steal confidential information from torrentspy.

“Torrentspy’s complaint includes claims that the man whom the MPAA allegedly paid $15,000 to steal e-mail correspondence and trade secrets has admitted his role in the plot and is cooperating with the company.”

It is a Hollywood drama, what happened here,” Ira Rothken, Torrentspy’s attorney, said in a telephone interview Wednesday evening.

how sad… we’ll keep you up-to-date.


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