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In its ongoing war against online piracy, the MPAA is currently recruiting new soldiers. One of the open positions that caught our eye recently is that of an "Internet Analyst," tasked with manipulating media files and monitoring social networks, communities and forums. For those still in school the MPAA also has a job opening for an unpaid summer intern to assist with various "content protection" projects.

mpaaWith roughly 200 employees the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) is a thorn in the side of Internet pirates all over the world.

The group has been credited as the main instigator of the Megaupload shutdown and is on a crusade to do the same to BitTorrent search engine isoHunt and file-hosting service Hotfile.

While the MPAA has scored several successes in the past, the war against online piracy is far from over. Every day new threats arise and keeping an eye on the latest developments is a day job, quite literally.

The movie industry group is currently recruiting fresh blood and has several open positions. The one of ‘Internet Analyst‘ stood out to us the most, as it reveals a bit more about what the MPAA is up to behind the scenes.

The position of Internet Analyst is a crucial one in the MPAA organization. The person hired for the job will work under the supervision of Senior Vice President Content Protection Internet Marc Miller, and will be tasked with spotting and analyzing the latest piracy trends.

This also includes a bit of online spying on social media and other online communities. One of the key responsibilities in this position, according to the job offering, is to “monitor and report on Internet based social networks, communities and forums.”

In addition the new recruit will have to research how much harm piracy is doing to the movie industry. Or as the job offer puts it, to “analyze how and at what rate illegal online delivery systems cannibalize legitimate business models.”


To make an accurate assessment of the effects of online piracy, the new recruit will also have to work with major movie studio members, vendors and industry partners to gather and analyze data regarding unauthorized downloads via cyberlockers, BitTorrent and other protocols.

Finally, it is worth noting that the position also requires a particular skill set. Aside from browsing the Internet the analyst should also be able to “manipulate online media files,” whatever that may entail.

The MPAA stresses that prospective employees should have a bachelor degree in business, economics, computer science or engineering, digital media production, or the equivalent. No details about the expected salary are provided.

The Internet Analyst position is just one of the many open jobs the MPAA has to offer. There are career opportunities for a wide range of people, including those who are still in school.

The MPAA just added the 2013 summer internship, a 30-hour a week job without compensation, but with valuable educational training. A summer internship at the MPAA, who wouldn’t want that?

Should any eligible TorrentFreak readers apply for these exciting positions, please stay in touch afterwards to share your experiences in the world’s most prestigious anti-piracy offices.


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