MPAA Takes Demonoid Screenshots….

demonoidDemonoid is gone, for the time being at least.

Last month the servers in the Ukraine were pulled offline and an investigation into the site’s alleged owners is ongoing in Mexico.

Demonoid’s admins have yet to release an official statement on the future of the site, and the authorities haven’t been very talkative either.

What we did find, however, are some screenshots the MPAA took of the site last year.

The two screenshots highlight Demonoid’s support for petitions against domain seizures and the anti-piracy bill COICA. Both petitions were hosted by the Internet activist group Demand Progress early last year.

According to the document properties the screenshots were compiled by MPAA’s former PR woman Kate Spence.

While we were able to verify that the document does indeed come from the MPAA, it’s quite a mystery for what lobbying purpose it was created.

Perhaps the MPAA somehow wanted to discredit the results of the petitions as they were supported by a “pirate” site?

Last time we checked, linking to a petition is still legal….

The screenshots (original (poor) quality)


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