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Meet Lucky and Flo, the MPAA's DVD sniffing dogs. They can't tell if the DVD's are illegal (yet), but they do smell if packages contain DVD's. The two black Labradors are the newest tool in the MPAA's rather unsuccesful "war on piracy".

The dogs are part of a FACT (Federation Against Copyright Theft) project sponsored by the MPAA. Raymond Leinster, Director of FACT said:

“This is the first time dogs have been used anywhere in the world to search for counterfeit DVDs and the results were amazing. With the cooperation and assistance of FedEx and Customs we were able to properly test the dogs in a live situation and prove that they can work in a busy working environment.”

Lucky and Flo

dvd dogs

The MPAA is quite happy with their new “watchdogs”, and says the dogs are a “highly effective” tool.

“The MPAA is delighted with the immediate success of this initiative which has opened up a new and highly effective means of detection for counterfeit discs.”


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