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As BitTorrent sites have developed over the years, many have added a plethora of features to enhance the user experience. A brand new torrent site called Nerrot, which officially launches its beta today, takes completely the opposite approach.

nerrotGoogle’s homepage has always been known for its minimalist presentation and the lack of distractions has proven a hit with users. Earlier this month Google turned on a new fade-in effect, which meant that until the user’s mouse was moved, everything except the logo, search field and two buttons beneath it remained hidden.

Nerrot, a new torrent site launching today in early beta, somehow manages to make even Google look cluttered. Nicholas, the programmer behind Nerrot, told TorrentFreak that his motto is “Simply, simplify, simplistically!” This philosophy is evident in the site’s interface and operation.

Nerrot bills itself as an “instant torrent downloader” and is very easy to use. Simply type in the name of the material you’re looking for as accurately as possible into the search field and the appropriate torrent is immediately delivered.

Behind the scenes, Nerrot does all the boring stuff automatically. The torrent file it delivers to you aims to be the most relevant to your search and should also be one that connect you to the healthiest available swarm. In TorrentFreak’s tests Nerrot delivered on its promises most of the time.

Nicholas told us that the site is currently in “0.5 beta” and new features such as filtering results based on the amount of seeds or leeches, an XML or database-driven auto-complete, and an option to select which trackers Nerrot should search for torrents. These will be realized with “…juicy javascript, modals and ajax goodness,” and will remain optional and hidden.

Although Nerrot is quite good at picking the right torrents, some users might feel like they are no longer in control when the torrent files are served automatically. In some cases this might even lead to downloading ‘fake’ torrents as the site offers no option to check for comments or inflated peer ratios. Tread with caution.

Update: The sites has returned after several months of downtime.


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