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After experimenting with free BitTorrent distribution on their last album, 'Ghosts', The Nine Inch Nails are today releasing their latest single 'Echoplex' for free, to tens of millions of Facebook users. Also, everyone should check out tomorrow - apparently a "surprise" awaits.

In March, the Nine Inch Nails released their album ‘Ghosts’ under a non-commercial Creative Commons license, meaning that it can be shared freely. The band confirmed that they had uploaded the album themselves to sites like The Pirate Bay, and This is of course great news for BitTorrent fans, and a move which did the Nails’ image no harm at all.

Fans of the Nails will be delighted to hear that the free music vibe is going to get a fresh boost today. According to a report, a brand new track from the band entitled “Echoplex”, is now available for free download to millions of Facebook users.

Trent Reznor, the frontman of Nine Inch Nails has always been pro-filesharing and admits to downloading music using BitTorrent and was a member and supporter of the shuttered OiNK tracker.

For those without a Facebook account, no doubt there will be a copy of ‘Echoplex’ on your nearest BitTorrent tracker soon but make sure you check out the information included with the release. Apparently, those visiting, on May 5 are in for a surprise…..


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