NinjaVideo Founder Talks About Guilty Plea

Hana Beshara, one of the founders of the popular NinjaVideo movie and TV show streaming site, pleaded guilty to conspiracy and criminal copyright infringement last week.

In the video below she talks about her plea and the future of the Ninja community, which she and the others intend to keep alive.

“This is serious, folks, I’m going to prison. I would never ask anyone to do the same, but I do ask to reach within yourselves and see what you can give back to Ninja.”

“I have about four months total until I’m locked up, and I don’t plan on sleeping much. We have a lot of work to do.”

Phara, as Beshara is better known online, will be sentenced in January and faces a maximum penalty of five years in prison on each count

Phara’s message


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