OiNK Database Didn’t ‘Self Destruct’, Wasn’t Encrypted But Users Safe?

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Following the raid at OiNK, many of the 180,000 members are very concerned about what's happening with their details. The rumor: The OiNK database was encrypted and self-destructed. The truth: It wasn't and it didn't but ex-users still might be safe. In the meantime, OiNK got fired from his job.

Yesterday, in the wake of the OiNK takedown, we made a report about possible action against Norwegian BitTorrent trackers. In it we revealed that a tipoff suggested that the OiNK database had been equipped with a ‘self-destruct’ mechanism and was also encrypted.

‘OiNK’ himself participated in a short Q&A and the truth is that this is not the case. Here is a rundown of the salient points:

The raid was completely unexpected and came with no warning at all but steps had already been taken to protect the users. Although there was no ‘self-destruct’ or encryption according to OiNK, “the logs we store aren’t enough to incriminate users.” This will come as a huge relief to ex-members of OiNK.

A Cleveland Police spokesman told The Telegraph: “It is too early to tell if we will go after individuals, it all depends on what we find.”

OiNK is accused of conspiracy to defraud and copyright infringements with police questioning OiNK for hours after which he was eventually released. It became apparent that the police had limited technical knowledge which, according to OiNK “made the interview quite amusing.”

OiNK’s father – who was also dragged into this, is fine – although the police took his laptop.

There was an implication that a backup of the site may exist, although this is unconfirmed and there is no news yet that the forums will be restored for the purposes of music discussion. Additionally, it’s unclear if OiNK remains the owner of the OiNK.CD domain.

Sites have been cropping up claiming to collect donations for legal defense but according to OiNK there aren’t any that potential donators should feel comfortable donating to right now.

Certain changes had been made to the OiNK site and IRC channel in recent weeks security-wise and there was a suggestion that this may have been because a raid was expected. OiNK has denied this and confirmed these changes were a coincidence.

In echoes of what happened to Alexander Hanff (admin of the BitTorrent tracker DVDR-Core) Alan Ellis aka OiNK has been fired from his IT Consultant job following the raid but has refused to elaborate on what grounds his employer – Virgin Media in Stockton-on-Tees – chose to dismiss him.

It’s hugely commendable that OiNK has taken the time to come out and give the community timely facts. Alan told The Daily Telegraph: “I haven’t done anything wrong. I don’t believe my website breaks the law. They don’t understand how it works.”

Stay Tuned

Update: Seems like someone involved in the takedown left an administrative message on the OiNK site (thanks for the tips DaanRiver and R10T):



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