Oron Cyberlocker Disappears, Filehost Reportedly Relocating

Earlier this month when researching file-hosting company Oron.com, something unusual became apparent to us here at TorrentFreak.

Oron could not be found via any Google searches, which of course led to the question of whether the site was being censored.

Interestingly it was, but not by Google. Oron had censored itself by blocking the search engine from indexing its site.

But in addition to this self-imposed search blackout, during the last 24 hours finding Oron has progressed from mildly tricky to plain impossible.

Without any warning Oron has completely disappeared from the Internet.

The site carries no message and the domains don’t work, but apparently Oron will return at some point after it has completed some major maintenance.

“At this time we are in the process of moving Oron.com to another hosting provider,” an email obtained by TorrentFreak reads.

“As soon as we finish this process we will post a notification on our site. We would like to apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused you.”

Oron has been under increasing pressure recently, particularly due to a lawsuit brought by adult movie studio Liberty Media.

In response to that suit the court froze Oron’s assets and then denied them access to funds to pay LeaseWeb, their host at the time. Whether LeaseWeb have been paid or not remains unclear but it seems almost certain that Oron are now heading for a new home.

TorrentFreak has received information from two different sources who both claim to know why Oron has chosen to move its infrastructure. As yet we’ve been unable to back up the claims – we’ll report back when we can.


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