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Tribler, the “social” BitTorrent client is developing a personalized, tag-based navigation system for wikipedia multimedia content. By introducing a tag-based, BitTorrent enabled, wikipedia browser it is possible to add multimedia content to wikipedia. So the idea is: sharing knowledge, but also bandwidth.

The p2p wikipedia browser makes it possible to add large multimedia files to articles at virtually no cost. Currently this would be impossible because of the high bandwidth costs. The p2p wikipedia browser matches perfectly with the wikipedia philosophy, it’s all about “sharing”.

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“We introduce P2P Wikipedia, a prototype of a personalized tag-based navigation system for Wikipedia multimedia content. It is the first peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing system able to deal with large files like movies, music, and software, but that is also scalable to HTML content. The combined techniques in our prototype are the automated calculation of tags from HTML content, a personalized P2P file sharing system built on a social network, the use of incentives for user cooperation to optimize system performance, and the design of a user interface with advanced navigational features.”

Main Screen

tribler wiki main

Sub-Tag Browsing

“The challenge is not only generating tags, but also organizing them into top-tags, sub-tags, subsub-tags, and adding weights. We implemented the generic GenerateTopTags function to generate tags. This function can generate both toptags, sub-tags, subsub-tags, and handle the AND operator. It increases freedom searching and exploring content, and this
bootstrap should stimulate more users to generate more tags for their own content.”

tribler subtag

Tribler can be downloaded at Tribler.org. These new features will be presented at the World Wide Web Conference in Edinburgh, Scotland)


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