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Together with p2pnet, TorrentFreak adopted 29 little children who are in desperate need for food, clothing and a decent place to sleep. The Child Orphanage is for kids in Nepal whose parents were killed by Maoists demanding the abolition of the country's monarchy.

P2PKids: Because We Care About SharingThe building they live in is near Kathmandu and most people in the West wouldn’t use it for much more than a gardening shed.

But it’s home to 29 children aged four to 12. They eat, sleep play and do everything else in one tiny room with bamboo walls. The three beds they share also double as benches. The kids in Child Orphanage get a free education in a nearby school, but that’s where it ends.

And that’s why p2pnet and TorrentFreak have adopted the Kapan Kids. Want to help as well? Easy. Head over to KapKids.com (or p2pkids.org). More detailed profiles of the kids will be added later.

$1 wouldn’t mean much to you. But it’d mean a heck of a lot to them.

Our plans? In the short term, we plan to provide a stream of money so the existing building can be improved and upgraded and the kids can be properly fed and clothed.

In the longer term, we’ll collect enough cash to build a KapKids resource centre with an online connection and at least one full-time staff member.

More important, it’ll also be a place for children 12 and over to live until they can find somewhere permanent.

The proceeds will go into a bank account maintained solely by Nisha, a Nepali orphan who lives in Canada now, and a good friend of Jon from p2pnet. So all of the money will be funnelled directly to the orphanage. Nothing, and we mean nothing, is being hived off for ‘expenses,’ as happens with so many of these efforts.

We can use your help!

Updates about the incoming donations and progress reports will be posted at KapKids.com


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