P2Pnet vs. Sharman Networks?

Jon Newton at P2PNet.net is facing a libel suit. The details on the case remain unknown however. Well, curiosity got the better of me, so I went to the Province of British Coloumbia to search through their Court Services Online. It would appear that the plaintiff in this is Sharman Networks. Yes, Sharman Networks who owns the Kazaa network.

That I feel this is kinda big, is an understatement.

Now – Jon Newton have been writing about Sharman Networks on occasion. As Jon said as much that it wasn’t him in particular or anything he wrote, I guess the next step of sleuthing would entail travelling through the comments from readers, specifically on articles regarding Sharman Networks. Not that I expect to find a Jane or John Doe, listed as was listed defendants by the way (déjavue), but it would be interesting to know what exactly could have been written to warrant silencing one of the more (as I like to call him) outspoken voices in file-sharing world.

I’ve sent a note to Jon telling him about my findings, hoping to find out more. Didn’t get more than a “I had a feeling this would happen sooner or later, this is the internet after all.” Let’s hope that more information will find its way online eventually.


Update from Jon (p2pnet):

One of the things I’m required to do as the defendant in the civil libel lawsuit being brought against me by Kazaa owner Sharman Networks and Kazaa ceo Nikki Hemming is file what’s called an ‘appearance’.

I’ve done that and it tells Sharman and Hemming I’m going to defend myself.

I’ve now had several responses from lawyers who may be willing to represent me. But there are costs involved, and they’ll be hefty.

So although I really hate to do it, I’m going to have to ask readers, or anyone else with a more than just a passing interest in online freedom of speech and/or confidentiality, to give me a hand with a donation.

My friend Jason Rohrer, who created the MUTE p2p application and who wrote the code for the Patti Santangelo Fight Goliath fund, has put a p2pnet contributions script together and I hope to have it online by around the middle of next week.

That’s all I want to say for now, but stay tuned.

Cheers! And thanks to everyone for letting me know there are people out there who give a damn.


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