Music Copyright ‘Pension Extension’ Moves Forward

The extension of copyright on audio recordings from 50 to 95 years in the EU has moved another step closer to realization, with its passage through the legal affairs committee. The action, ostensibly to provide a pension for session musicians, is in reality a multi-million euro windfall for the Big Four record companies.

Court Hands Movie Leakers Suspended Jail Sentences

Six individuals accused of leaking a DVD screener of a movie to the Internet have been handed suspended jail sentences and fines of 15,000 euros. Three of the sentenced are employees of a major European TV channel. None of the six made any money from their actions.

P2P Researchers Fear BitTorrent Meltdown

BitTorrent is often praised as an indestructible force moving petabytes of data around every day. It does have an Achilles' heel though, and prominent p2p researchers warn that millions of downloads will come to a halt if eight servers hosted in Sweden happen to go offline.

Former EMI Boss: Fight Against Illicit P2P is “Useless”

At least on the surface, most in the mainstream music industry agree: illicit file-sharing is evil. However, when you aren't getting paid to have a certain opinion, things can change. No longer taking a salary from his former company, Ex-IFPI chairman and EMI director Per Eirik Johansen speaks freely.

Follow The Pirate Bay Trial on Twitter

In just a few days time, the largest court case in file-sharing history will start in Stockholm, Sweden. The Pirate Bay will try to keep the public updated every day, with help from the community and through Twitter.

Pirate Bay Trial Audio Will Be Streamed Online

Following calls from the crew of The Pirate Bay earlier this week, it has been confirmed that the audio of the upcoming trial will be streamed live on the Internet. Swedish public broadcaster SVT will be in charge of the operation, set to begin next Monday.

New iPhone App DRM Claims to Thwart Pirates

Piracy of iPhone applications has become quite a hot topic recently, particularly since 'one-click' cracking apps such as Crackulous have become available to the public. The Kali Anti-Piracy system from Ripdev believes it has the answer, putting pirates on notice that the easy ride to free software is over.

Get Your TV-Torrent Fix with Miro

Miro, the Internet TV player with a built in BitTorrent client released a new version today. LegalTorrents is now added as a default site, but users are of course free to add more sites or RSS feeds to get those latest TV-episodes on your computer seamlessly.