Senior Judge ‘Astonished’ By Actions Of ACS:Law in File-Sharing Cases

Following on from our article detailing ACS:Law's no-show at the directions hearing for their 27 active file-sharing cases, today we take a closer look at yesterday's proceedings. Judge Birss QC said that he found ACS:Law's actions both "remarkable" and "unprecedented" and was "frankly astonished" by their behavior, while defense lawyers made serious allegations concerning ACS:Law's conduct.

What.CD Hurt By Dwindling Donations

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As we’ve mentioned in a previous article, cutting the funding of torrent sites is one of the strategies that will be used this year to put pressure on torrent sites. As it now turns out the popular private tracker What.CD has been hit hard by the anti-piracy outfit IFPI. What.CD is now hoping to get […]

Arrested Pirate Party Member Becomes Tunisian State Secretary

After weeks of public protests on- and offline the Tunisian president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali resigned and escaped the country last Friday. Today, the head of the transitional government, Prime Minister Mohammed Ghannouchi, announced his new cabinet members which include a familiar name. Slim Amamou, the Pirate Party member and freedom of speech activist who was arrested just a few days ago, is now the (deputy minister) State Secretary of Youth and Sports.

ACS:Law Try To Drop File-Sharing Cases, Fail To Appear in Court

Today a judge-ordered hearing took place in the Patents County Court to decide how to handle all cases filed by ACS:Law against alleged file-sharers. Despite claims by the law firm that they have no fears of going to court, last week all the cases were dropped and today, supported by claims of "an unfortunate family accident", company owner Andrew Crossley failed to attend the hearing. All this as a new, mysterious and already controversial company appears to front the entire…

MPAA promotes two execs in content protection unit

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The MPAA has promoted two execs in its content protection unit. Mike Robinson has advanced to exec veep and chief of operations and Kevin Suh to senior VP of Internet content protection. Both joined the MPAA in 2006. Ann Sommerlath has joined Imax as veep of corporate communications. She moves to the large-format exhib after […]

French Anti-Piracy Law Doesn’t Stop Pirates

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A new survey claims that anti-piracy laws in France have had little impact on filesharing behaviour so far. Last year, the Hadopi measures were put into effect and by October some 25,000 warnings letters a day were being sent out by ISPs to suspected filesharers. The UK is expected to implement a similar warning letter […]

Universal and Sony Music plan ‘instant pop’ to beat piracy

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Ten years after piracy first began to ravage the music industry, Britain’s two biggest record labels will finally try to play their part in stopping it, by making new singles available for sale on the day they first hit the airwaves. Universal and Sony Music – home to Take That and Matt Cardle, respectively – […]