ISP Threatens Legal Action Against UK Over Anti-Piracy Plans

Peter Mandelson confirmed yesterday that illicit file-sharers could have their Internet connections severed as part of the government's aims to reduce piracy by 70% in 2 years. TalkTalk, the UK's second largest ISP, is said to be dismayed at the decision and is now threatening legal action over what it claims is a breach of human rights.

RIAA Anti-Piracy Partner Clueless About BitTorrent

The piracy tracking company DtecNet has made quite a name for itself in the past few months after partnering with the RIAA and several local governments to assist in the 'war on piracy'. One would think that these projects would require at least some basic knowledge of BitTorrent, but a recently published paper by DtecNet's business intelligence unit proves the opposite.

Fresh Pirate Bay Purchase Attempt By Four Potential Buyers

Following the abortive attempt by Global Gaming Factory to purchase the Pirate Bay, fans and onlookers could be in for a sequence of new dramas as the site pursues new buyers. According to a report today, four entities are in the running, one of which proves particularly interesting.

Anti Piracy Laws and Lawsuits Fail to Change Social Norms

New laws designed to thwart illicit file-sharing have been drafted by governments all over the world recently. At the same time the entertainment industries have claimed victories against individual file-sharers and operators of BitTorrent sites. Interestingly, these developments haven't changed social norms towards piracy which makes it hard to maintain compliance.

Sony CEO Pleads Poverty But The Movie Industry is Loaded

In a piece today in The Times, Sony boss Michael Lynton yet again champions 3 strikes for alleged pirates and states that combating piracy could add millions to the economy. He also says that due to piracy, in 2008 Hollywood made the lowest number of movies in the last decade. So where did its record earnings go?

TaffyBox Shut Down by BTjunkie for Leeching Resources

The new torrent search engine TaffyBox took the web by storm during the last couple of days, offering a newbie-proof download service. The site was featured by TechCrunch and several other sites, but just a few hours later it is no longer operational. BTjunkie cut it off since it was stealing resources without permission.

Warner Says Harry Potter Dinner Infringes Copyright

A woman who operates the so-called Underground Restaurant from her London home has had a surprise threat from a movie company. The host of the party, known as Ms Marmite Lover, had arranged a Halloween party with a Harry Potter theme, but Warner Bros. took exception and sent their lawyers to turn her evening into a newt.