Publishers Fear eBook Piracy, But Shouldn’t

The music industry has made it quite clear that the Internet is a scary place full of pirates. These same fears have spread into the minds of book publishers, who are about to make the same mistakes as the major record labels did. It's not too late though.

Bono Puts Policing Piracy Into His Next Decade Top 10


Many writers have been penning top 10 lists of one kind or another recently, either reviewing the last decade or looking forward to the next one. Among them, U2 frontman Bono has published his next-decade wish list, including a desire for the Internet to be policed for copyright infringement.

Six Ways File-Sharers Will Neutralize 3 Strikes

After extended legal battles, France's President Sarkozy finally got his way. This year will see some of the most aggressive anti-piracy action against citizens which, if ministers are to be believed, will dramatically reduce online piracy. This might be possible, if the measures weren't so easily circumvented.

Movie Sharer Gets Three Years Probation

A Californian resident of Irvine has plead guilty to sharing 'The Love Guru' through BitTorrent. After getting his hands on a leaked copy of the film, the man decided to share it with a release group, and the copy eventually ended up at Mininova. The 31 year-old man confessed and agreed to a sentence of three years probation.

Five BitTorrent Predictions for 2010


A whole new and exciting year lies ahead of us, so this is an opportune time for some BitTorrent predictions for 2010. On the upside, video streaming sites will begin experimenting with BitTorrent. One of the negatives is that a major BitTorrent client will be sued by the entertainment industry for assisting copyright infringement.

Dramatic BitTorrent Site Shutdowns of the Decade

Continuing our series of articles on the most pivotal BitTorrent sites of the last decade, our focus turns to the most dramatic site shutdowns. Without doubt, 2005 proved a momentous year, marked by the introduction to the war of a new anti-piracy force to be reckoned with - the FBI.

Top 10 Most Pirated TV-Shows of 2009

As the year moves toward its conclusion, we have been listing the most pirated entertainment titles of 2009. Following our Top 10 games and movies charts, we now turn to the most downloaded TV-shows. Despite declining viewership offline, Heroes is the most downloaded show, with over 6 million downloads for a single episode.