Latest Harry Potter Film Leaks on BitTorrent Before Theater Premiere

One of the most interesting leaks of the year has just occurred with the appearance of the first 36 minutes of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 on dozens of BitTorrent sites. The upcoming Harry Potter film will have its worldwide premiere later this week, but not before hundreds and thousands of people have grabbed a copy of an extended preview on BitTorrent.

Usenet Community Not Guilty Of Copyright Infringement

Yesterday, the long-running case of Usenet community FTD versus the Eyeworks movie studio was heard in The Hague Court of Appeals. The Court largely reversed an earlier decision, ruling that it is not illegal for Internet users to inform others where illicit material can be found. However, FTD was found guilty of promoting illegal uploading.

Behind The Scenes at Anonymous’ Operation Payback

Operation Payback has been without a doubt the longest and most widespread attack on anti-piracy groups, lawyers and lobbyists. Despite the massive media coverage, little is known about the key players who coordinate the operation and DDoS attacks. A relatively small group of people, they are seemingly fuelled by anger, frustration and a strong desire to have their voices heard.

Irish Government Wants File-Sharing Compromise, or Legislation Will Follow

Conor Lenihan, Minister of State with responsibility for Science, Technology and Innovation, has indicated he hasn't given up on the chance of a negotiated settlement of the illicit file-sharing issue in Ireland. In an Intellectual Property debate, Lenihan praised the IRMA/Eircom agreement and said that while he hopes there can be more arrangements of this type, if they do not arrive, legislation will be the outcome.

Suing Blind and One Legged Pirates is Bad PR


When in court it is the job of the defense lawyer to cast doubt on the credibility of the prosecution's case. Finding and highlighting those details which show the defendant to be misleading or unreliable can be the make and break of a case. Unfortunately for ACS:Law's Andrew Crossley, that is a knife that cuts both ways as yet again he is shown to have misled a reporter.

What’s That Torrent Thing Google Keeps Suggesting?

Thanks to Google people have all the world's knowledge at their fingertips. Simply type in a few words and the search engine usually returns hundreds of thousands of related websites - some background info on your favorite musician for example, or the latest blockbuster that just premiered. But, what's that torrent thing Google keeps suggesting? Click...

Happy Birthday To Us, TorrentFreak Turns 5

Five years (and a day) ago, on November 12, 2005, TorrentFreak first saw the light of day. Since then we have published 3,392 articles, while our valued readers have written 243,982 comments. It’s been a great ride so far, thanks to all of you…