Panic! ACTA is Back! Or?

When the European Parliament rejected ACTA last week, the controversial anti-piracy trade agreement was effectively killed.

A huge win for the millions of people who protested, but according to recent reports it might have been all for nothing.

Canadian law professor Michael Geist points out that many of the scary passages of ACTA are also present in CETA, a newly proposed agreement between Canada and the European Union.

Scary indeed, but the widespread panic is a little premature.

As Rick Falkvinge also writes on his blog, CETA was drafted long before the European Parliament voted against ACTA.

In other words, it’s more than likely that the European Parliament will kill CETA just as (and because of) ACTA was killed last week. The fact that the two agreements are so similar might actually be a good thing in this regard.

While it is clear that the copyright lobby is not going to stop pushing harsher copyright laws in the coming months and years, CETA can and will be stopped.


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