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It's not hard to determine what's hot on BitTorrent, just go to your favorite BitTorrent site and order the results by most seeds or peers. However, finding out what's popular by people "in the know" usually requires some more steps.

PickyPirate: Metacritic Meets BitTorrent

This is exactly the gap PickyPirate is trying to fill. PickyPirate fetches the most popular movies, games and music albums from Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic, two well known review aggregators, and lists them on the frontpage.

For those not familiar with meta-review sites, these websites make a ranking of the movies, games and music albums that received the best reviews from critics. The links to these entries on Metacritic or Rotten Tomatoes are of course included and there you can read the full reviews.

Ehud, the developer of PickyPirate told TorrentFreak that a friend asked him why nobody created a mashup of BitTorrent and Metacritic, “I immediately thought ‘Hey, that’s a really good idea!'” he said. “Basically I never know what to download from all the stuff that’s available.”

The site currently lists most popular items from the last 30 days for all categories (Music, Movies, PC Games, Xbox 360 and Wii). The lists are updated every 15 minutes, so if the scores change on Metacritic, they will be quickly updated on PickyPirate too.

If you click on one of the items on the frontpage it automatically lists all the “relevant torrents” available on The Pirate Bay and Mininova for that title, but more sites might be added later.

BitTorrent users have a huge amount of material at their fingertips and as such, they can afford to be very picky indeed. However, not everyone has the time to be picky but with the help of sites like this, allowing others to do it on your behalf can come a good second.


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