Pirate Party Scores First Win Against Anti-Piracy Group

Yesterday the Dutch Pirate Party announced it would sue the local anti-piracy group BREIN.

Through the lawsuit the Pirates hope to overturn a recent order that prohibits the Party from operating a Pirate Bay proxy site in The Netherlands.

Today the party booked a first victory in court as the Court of The Hague ruled that BREIN can’t demand the Pirates to take down their generic proxy.

Last week the court ruled that the Pirate Party had to shutter its “reverse proxy, and BREIN used this order to demand the takedown of the generic proxy as well. However, the court has now ruled that this goes too far.

Next week the court will hear both parties to decide whether the initial “ex-parte” injunction will hold. If not, the Pirate Party can revive its reverse proxy as well.


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