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Pirates are planning a mass attack on Europe. The Swedish Pirate Party is coordinating a pan-European electoral assault for the 2009 European Elections, says leader Rick Falkvinge.

pirate partyHe told Out-Law radio it would be the first ever political platform that stretched across Europe, says Out-Law.com, going on:

“Sweden is the home of the Pirate Party but examples have since sprung up all over Europe. It is these which Falkvinge hopes to unite in time for elections to the European Parliament in June 2009.

The German and Austrian parties are already on board, and discussions were ongoing with others, he said. There are Pirate Parties in Spain, France, Poland, Italy and Belgium.

“That we are pro file-sharing is a consequence of us being pro-civil liberties,” Out-Law has Falkvinge declaring.

“We are pro-civil liberties for the exact same reason that the entertainment industry is against civil liberties, because they have a bottom line to protect.

“The entertainment industry is what drives today’s witch hunt on civil liberties. DRM technologies is the large media cartels’ ways of writing their own laws to circumvent copyright laws and we do have an elected parliament to write such laws.”

Go here for the Out-Law radio take.

Meanwhile, will the American Pirate Party contest the Cheney / Bush administration when it / they next come up for election?

You bet ;P



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