Poll: How Would You Respond to an RIAA/MPAA Warning?

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This week's hot topic is the reported collaboration between the RIAA, MPAA and your ISP. The aim of the music and movie industries is to reduce and deter illicit file-sharing by sending out warnings to alleged infringers. The big questions is this: How would you react if you received one of these warnings?

Last week we ran a poll asking why our readers use BitTorrent. We were really impressed with the feedback with more than 14,000 readers taking the time to vote. Following on from this success, this Sunday we’re asking you guys a new question.

This week the press has been buzzing with the ‘news’ that the music and movie industries will be working with ISPs to send out infringement notices to alleged copyright infringers. Of course, this has been going on for years already but the indications are that the tracking of file-sharers will intensify and with this will come an increase in warnings.

These warnings are designed to frighten people away from file-sharing networks but the million dollar question is: Will these scare-mails work? Let’s find out.

How would you respond to an RIAA/MPAA copyright infringement warning?



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