Popcorn Time Now “Impossible” to Shut Down

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The Popcorn Time fork formally known as Time4Popcorn has released a new version of its client which they say is "impossible" to take down. The change is a direct response to the EURid domain suspension last month. In addition, the fork promises to enable seeding support so its users have the option not to leech from the BitTorrent network.

popcornLast month one of the most popular Popcorn Time forks ran into trouble. Out of the blue Time4popcorn.eu had its domain name suspended by the EURid registry.

The developers were informed that the suspension was the result of an ongoing legal investigation into the BitTorrent streaming app, presumably after copyright holders complained.

Aside from losing its domain name and losing nearly all traffic, the domain troubles also affected existing users. Since the Popcorn Time fork required the domain to load the user interface, the application stopped working.

The problems with EURid showed that the domain name was a weak link. The fork quickly moved to a .se domain and over the past several weeks the developers have been working hard to resolve the vulnerability. With the latest 5.0 beta release today they should be able to withstand a domain suspension.

“EURid tried to take us down and instead of doing so, they just opened our eyes and made us better and wiser,” the developers inform TF. “Thank you EURid for making Popcorn Time unstoppable.”

As of now Popcorn Time still appears to rely on some central servers, which may not be truly “unstoppable”. In the future, however, the fork hopes to distribute all data via P2P transfers.

“We’ve built the 5.0 beta so that no one will be able to take it down. Popcorn Time from now on will keep on working as usual even if our domain gets removed, and in the future even the necessary data for Popcorn Time will be transferred purely via Peer2Peer.”

Besides the improved redundancy, the latest beta also includes several other new features. The app has revamped its user interface and added touch screen support, for example. The developers have further added an anime section, a feature many users requested.

Finally, the Popcorn Time fork says it will soon enable the option to continue seeding after a video stops streaming. This means that its users have the option share data for a longer period, so they’re not simply leeching from BitTorrent swarms.


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