RapidShare Goes Unlimited

Swiss based file-hosting service RapidShare has yet again reinvented itself in an attempt not to lose too much ground to the dozens of competing cyberlockers that have popped up recently.

“As a pioneer in One Click File Hosting, RapidShare has often ventured into unknown territory, to find the best product for its customers. Now it’s time to properly clean up the inventor’s workshop, because everything that just sucks finally has to go,” RapidShare announced this week.

In what they call their Spring cleaning RapidShare has now stripped all thinkable limits for Pro users.

Free users benefit from the changes as well as upload and download speeds are now unlimited. In addition, both free and paid users have unlimited storage and no file-size limit.

Although RapidShare’s offer is certainly ‘competitive’ from a consumer point of view, their aggressive anti-piracy stance and the decision to kill the ‘rewards’ program has led many of its users to flee to other cyberlockers.


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