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RapidShare Slows Download Speeds To Drive Away Pirates

During the last week, users who rely on RapidShare's free service have been complaining of reduced download speeds. Several theories have been circulating, mainly focusing on the file-hoster trying to drive users to take up premium accounts. But according to RapidShare the reason is simple - to drive pirates away…

Rapidshare Terminates Accounts of Copyright Infringers

For many years Rapidshare was considered to be a safe way for people to download copyrighted content without having to face repercussions. Recently, however, the company has been actively going after users that upload copyrighted files through the service by terminating accounts.

RapidShare Fires 75% of its Staff After “Rogue Site” Revamp Bites

RapidShare is fighting through a crisis after a massive downturn in business forced it to fire three-quarters of its workforce, an insider has revealed. After being labeled a "rogue site" by the U.S. Government, in 2011 the file-hosting service reportedly burned through half a million euros lobbying in the United…

Rapidshare Shares Uploader Info with Rights Holders

In Germany, the file-hosting service Rapidshare has handed over the personal details of alleged copyright infringers to several major record labels. The information is used to pursue legal action against the Rapidshare users and at least one alleged uploader saw his house raided.

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