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Record labels are generally not too fond of BitTorrent. Just a few months ago the RIAA reported several BitTorrent sites as "rogue sites" to the US Government. It therefore comes as quite a surprise that the independent record label Adamant Records is featuring a BitTorrent tutorial on its homepage, right next to the 'download on iTunes' links. Why would they do that? Have they gone mad?

sickJust a few hours ago we brought the news that BitTorrent search engine isoHunt has been sued by 26 record labels in Canada. The labels allege that the BitTorrent site is facilitating massive copyright infringement of their songs, and are demanding millions of dollars in damages.

At the same time the above labels intensify their crusade against BitTorrent, several smaller and independent labels are trying to find ways to benefit from the technology. Adamant Records is a good example of the latter. Instead of fearing technology, they are embracing BitTorrent and even explaining how it works to visitors to their site.

Next to the ‘download on iTunes’ links to their albums, Adamant Records is prominently featuring a BitTorrent tutorial on their homepage. Why you might ask? Well, unlike the major labels Adamant Records seems to believe that they may eventually benefit from giving away music on BitTorrent.

BitTorrent Explained

The video is related to an interesting announcement that came in a few minutes ago. One of Adamant Records’ top bands “Sick of Sarah” has partnered with BitTorrent Inc. and is now offering their new album “2205” through an app in uTorrent and the Mainline client.

“Releasing an album on BitTorrent is an incredible opportunity. We wanted to reach our fans on the Internet, and our fans use BitTorrent,” says Jamie Holm, Sick of Sarah’s bassist in a response to the partnership.

“Imagine exposure to the same number of people as a Super Bowl ad. While album sales will remain a critical element of success, we also believe BitTorrent will help us drive new fans to live concerts and purchase our merchandise.“

Indeed, BitTorrent Inc’s uTorrent and BitTorrent mainline clients have more than 100 million monthly users combined. By releasing the album to such a large audience the band hopes that they will pick up many new fans, who will boost the band’s income in the long run.

“Our industry is changing fast, and it’s time for bands to experiment with new types of Internet distribution and discover the future of fan engagement. We’re excited to work with BitTorrent to learn what works,” Jamie Holm says.

BitTorrent’s CEO Eric Klinker applauds the band for sharing their music with uTorrent and Mainline users, which is expected to benefit all the parties involved.

“Sick of Sarah’s progressive thinking and modern approach to making their music available to online audiences is inspiring. The band’s efforts align with our vision of an open ecosystem. Rather than act as a middleman between creators and consumers, our engineers are building technologies to connect the two communities directly,” Klinker said.

Sick of Sarah’s album Sick 2205 is available in the App studio of uTorrent and BitTorrent mainline and can be downloaded for free. The BitTorrent App Studio was launched by BitTorrent last August and features content from selected content providers including Spotlight Artists such as Sick of Sarah.


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