TorrentFreak gets a makeover. The site can be a little buggy the next 24 hours but I’m working on it. I will tell more about the new stuff, and credit the people who contributed when it’s done.


For those who are interested. TorrentFreak is using wordpress. The current theme is a modification of the modification of the K2 theme by Ben Gray. Nen created the logo’s and did some of the coding as well. We use a bunch of plugins, but I’m too lazy to list them but the “Digg implementer” and “Extended live archives” plugin are two of them.

At the bottom of the frontpage you will see a link to the “not another tech podcast” podcast TorrentFreak supports. And for all music fans.. you can join the TorrentFreak group on if you like.

There might be a couple of changes in the near future, but nothing too serious…


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