BitTorrent For Books?

BookMooch is a new p2p book sharing protocol for printed books. It works a little like BitTorrent, the more you share, the more you receive. And you will be banned if your share ratio gets below 5:1.

The inquirer writes:

The cashless site runs on a simple points system. Members receive one point for sending a book, and pay a point when they receive a book. Books sent internationally and books on members’ favourite books lists are worth two points, which provides extra incentive to supply these. Members also earn a point for every ten books they list on BookMooch. Membership is free.

There is a problem, and thus a significant difference from the real BitTorrent: The books have to go from A to B, and that costs money.


So if you’re a real bookworm with a not-to-delicate book taste, it is probably cheaper to have an additional library membership. But the idea is great, and if it has the potential to become the biggest library in the world. BookMooch founder John Buckman even thinks about launching “MoochFests”.

I was thinking of “MoochFests” where a group of people meet physically, say at a cafe, to exchange a pile of books they’ve all decided to mooch from each other. That would be a way to avoid postage, but more importantly, meet people with similar book tastes and possibly make friends.



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