Repo Man’s Alex Cox: The Copyright Industry is Corrupt, Go Pirate

repo manWhen the copyright industry is lobbying for tougher anti-piracy laws and extended copyright terms, they say it’s in the best interest of the artists.

But is it really, if these artists have to sign away their copyrights to billion dollar companies?

The Quietus ran an interview with Repo Man writer/director who has some thoughts of his own on the matter.

“It’s so corrupt. Now they want to have longer copyright periods because they say the young artists are relying on this money. The young artists never see any money because they sign away that money to big media corporations, like Universal and Viacom.”

“We, the artists, lose all of our rights to these massive corporations, who then come down heavy on these kids for downloading films and music that we never see a penny from.”

“It’s complete bullshit. I want to encourage your audience to go and pirate a bunch of my stuff right away.”



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