RIAA Bill ‘Nullifies’ U.S. Constitution

The RIAA and MPAA lobby scored another success at the expense of the public.

With Senator Alex Padilla’s Bill 550 Californian law enforcement would no longer require a warrant to raid places where they suspect pirated disks may be located.

The Bill goes directly against the U.S. constitution, but according to the Senator that’s not a problem if the revenues of the entertainment industries are at stake.

“The crime of illegal mass reproduction of music and movies is a serious problem. Last year alone, more than 820,000 illegal discs were seized by law enforcement authorities in California,” said Senator Padilla.

“Fraudulent CDs and DVDs undermine our economy and California’s role as a global leader in music and film. They steal revenue from artists, retailers, and our entertainment sector,” he added.

The Bill already got the thumbs up from two state Senate committees and may become law soon.


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