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Is an ip-address enough evidence to sue a person for downloading copyrighted material? Recent cases suggest that the RIAA and the MPAA will need more evidence than that. And that's certainly a good thing if you take into account how many people share the same ip, or leave their Wifi unsecured.

Just think about it, why should the RIAA be able to sue someone simply because he or she pays the bills for the internet connection? They need at least a little more than that.

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And it looks like this defense is working:

“This month, the inability to prove who actually did the file sharing caused the RIAA to drop a case in Oklahoma. The same defense has worked in a California case as well. As soon as the RIAA realized the person was using this type of defense, they dropped the cases, rather than lose and set a precedent showing they really don’t have the unequivocal evidence they claim to possess.”

Anyway… just reset your wireless router if you receive a letter from the RIAA or MPAA….


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