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Most people will never hear anything from the RIAA, unless the anti-piracy outfit demands money from them for allegedly downloading copyrighted music, of course. But even the RIAA has a warm and fuzzy side, but unfortunately it's limited to music industry insiders.

Christmas is a time for sharing, something the RIAA is not too fond of. Nevertheless, they sent out seasons greetings to a select group of people. Rather than the traditional paper greeting, to save a few bucks they used an eCard instead of the real thing. Apparently they don’t shy from technology when it saves them money.

One of those insiders, working at Sony, was kind enough to ‘share’ the eCard with us, writing:

“I’m one of those ‘lucky’ people that the RIAA send something other than cease & desist or lawsuit emails to. This year, they sent me a lovely eCard.”

What a beauty it is, how kind of them.

“May the joyful sound of music always be a part of your holidays.” Indeed. Too bad we are still required to pay copyright fees if we want to sing Christmas carols.

RIAA’s eCard, more here

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