Scammers Try to Cash In On OiNK Misery

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There are always people who are happy to try to cash in on the misery of others. The OiNK shutdown is no different. Sites are appearing thick and fast asking for donations and promising relaunches. None of these are sanctioned by OiNK - don't give them any money!

Mere hours went by after the OiNK takedown before sites started springing up claiming to be collecting money for OiNK’s legal defense or soliciting donations in connection with a revival of the site.

Some are displaying the amount of donations they have received and these seem sizable in some cases. Although there is no doubt that some generous supporters have already given to these funds, its likely the amounts of donations shown have been inflated to imply that this is the correct fund to donate to.

Fact: NONE of these sites are sanctioned or set up in collaboration with OiNK, so please, please, please – don’t give them your money! This has been confirmed by TorrentFreak directly with OiNK himself.

This means ALL sites claiming to try to raise funds for OiNK should be considered dubious. It’s entirely possible that some good natured individuals are trying to genuinely raise money but it’s impossible to separate the scammers from the tiny minority of honest people.

There may not even be a fund in the end, this hasn’t been decided yet so in the meantime, please keep your money safe.

Potential donors are advised to wait until we make an announcement about the correct fund to donate to. We will do that here on TorrentFreak.

Stay tuned.


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