Flirts with BitTorrent Sites

Home > Piracy > is still trying to keep their traffic up by generating incoming traffic from BitTorrent sites. This way appears to be a pretty popular search engine based on Alexa's traffic rank, while in fact most of the traffic is coming from redirected torrent searches.

searchingAt the moment Torrentreactor is responsible for almost 90% of searching’s traffic.

Searching’s traffic was even higher last year, when they were still working with torrentspy. However, torrentspy and searching abruptly ended this partnership and searching’s traffic dropped like a stone.

But searching is still on the lookout for new partnerships. A few weeks ago teamed-up with searching. Searching pays demonoid for their annoying “search block” that’s embedded in the demonoid design. Not as drastic as redirecting the search traffic, but still good enough to boost their traffic rank a bit, and advertise their “updated” seach portal.

But Searching also employs a more aggressive approach. Recently they offered some torrent admins to buy their site. There were plans to overtake myBitTorrent and other torrent sites for example. myBitTorrent seriously considered the bid from searching, but the deal eventually bounced.

The bottom line is, BitTorrent sites are attractive partners for companies that are in need of traffic. A while ago we reported that the ad-company “targepoint” was attempting to take over several BitTorrent sites. Although Targetpoint officially denied these claims, they’re not the only one flirting with these traffic monsters.


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