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A relatively young torrentsite with a lot of potential. Fast, clean, great design and no ads. But who are these guys? Time to ask some questions....

Q1. When was seedler founded, and what was the reason to start the site?

Seedler was founded a while back but was actually brought to life almost three
months ago. The reason for it was to create simply the best site around due to
the fairly low quality of sites at the time of conception, though now it seems that
we’ve got some competition. We’re working hard to make Seelder the best and
we’re only getting positive feedback about it so far.

Q2. What makes seedler so unique?

Various things.

Its speed — it was built from the ground up with performance in mind so that it will
scale well and our perform any other site as demand rises.

Its automatic categorization — take a look at the TV category, its size, selection
and completeness is unparalleled (Though we’re still making tweaks, it will be fully
working shortly).

Its automatic spyware removal features, we fight spyware and crapware and
proactively remove thousands of torrents. Torrents removed cannot return.

Its ease of use and its clean and lightweight design.

Its lack of advertising whatsoever.

There are many under the hood features which I can’t elaborate on
because that would undermine their effectiveness. Though if you are a
regular visitor to the site you just might notice them if you have a
sharp eye. ;)

Also since most of the torrent site operators are so inquisitive and
just “snatch” our good features into their sites within days we prefer
to keep it quiet about the internals. ;)

Q3. How many torrents does seedler list at the moment?

At the moment we have a little over 150K, though we’re growing on a
daily basis at an average of 2000 per day.

Q4. How many visitors does seedler get, and how big do you want to grow?

It doesn’t get as many as we would have liked it to get. We obviously
want to be the biggest and best, as everyone else does.

Some of Seedler’s secret features would only become effective as it
grows more.

Q5. How is seedler funded, will it stay ad free? do you get any donations?

It’s a personal project of a group of friends, it’s already getting pretty
expensive for the “reward” we are getting in return. We’re not looking
to make money, we’re just looking for the appreciation on our good
work and the knowledge that we run and operate the best site out there
without compromises.

We don’t ask for donations at the moment. It may happen in the future.

Q6. Did you get any legal threats? How did you handle those?

Yes, we do get them from time to time. So far we’ve simply ignored them
for the reason that we believe information should be free and downloads
are not theft, This is simply the way of the 21st century, live with it
or don’t live with it.

Unbiased studies also show that the popularity of free downloads affect the
“industries” in positive ways, so then we feel even stronger regarding
our position.

The MPAA/RIAA/BSA are commercial organizations, their sole existence and
profits depend ONLY on how WELL they can SCARE the industries into
giving them funds and power to manage, run and execute campaigns to
scare people. Therefore making stock holder richer and richer with
every success.

Q7. Are you planning to fix the crappy translations :)

Yes! Unfortunately no one has offered help nor feedback about any of the
translations so far.

Q8. Do you have any future plans for the site?

We are making changes on a daily basis, our to-do list is huge and is
constantly growing rather than becoming smaller. We’re understaffed
and under-supported and are forced to do the work ourselves in our own
free time.

We have a bunch of great features that don’t exist on any sites, more on
that in due time at

As for plans, we’ve got plenty, time will tell if we are able to execute

Q9. Do you drink beer? Which brand?

Yes, we drink Seedler! our own home made beer. Just kidding.

Q10. Anything to add to this?

We always have a lot to say, so whenever you want to listen to some
rants just give us a buzz. But seriously, we feel that we are different
from most other sites;

1. We will never promoted or will promote spyware on our sites, in any
shape or form. There’s a new trend in the torrent scene and some of the
most popular sites seem to be ACTIVELY promoting spyware/adware, in
the shurt run this hurts hundreds of thousands of their visitors but in the
long run it would hurt them, too. Should we decide that we go into advertising,
we will never make it excessive.

2. We are here to stay, unlike various sellouts out there we are
planning to fight whomever fights us. In the long run the free man will

In order to have the motivation to keep working on Seedler and paying
its costs without intoducing any advertising we need everyone’s help in
making it more popular.

Give them a visit, It’s worth it!

Seedler is down at the moment


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