Share Torrents on a Blog or Forum is the leading BitTorrent site when it comes to implementing innovative features. Today Fenopy added a torrent-share feature. It’s an easy way to share torrents on your blog or forum, just copy and paste the link code and you’re done.

If you post the piece of code in a blogpost it will automatically generate an image with live info. Clicking the image will lead you to the torrent in question. Take the torrent for The Pirate Bay documentary, “Steal This Film” for example.

StealThisFilm Part1 mov

This is absolutely a great addition to Fenopy’s other Web 2.0 features. The ultimate tool for bloggers that want an easy, and visually attractive way to share torrents, without running a tracker.

Sharing your podcast over BitTorrent is simple. Just upload the torrent to Fenopy, copy the code, and include it in a blog post. The advantage of this way of sharing is that your readers will be able to check filesize, seeds, and peers, all directly on your blog (or forum).

fenopy image link

Most torrent sites are constantly improving, and adding more and more user friendly features. Last week Torrentspy released thier new features, inspired by the Web 2.0 craze. has also been undergoing some changes lately, and other torrent sites are planning to do the same.

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