Xtorrent: Taking BitTorrent to another Level?

Xtorrent is a new BitTorrent client for Mac OSX. Unlike other BitTorrent clients, Xtorrent allows you to browse, download and search for torrents without using a web browser.

xtorrentI stumbled upon some prerelease screenshots of Xtorrent over at phillryu. It is unsure if the application will be free, and if not, how much it will cost. But there’s no doubt that it looks great.

Here are some features and screenshots (thanks). A public Beta will probably available in a few weeks.

search and download torrents without web browser

xtorrent search

Custom Search Engines

You can add a search tab for your favorite tracker. Just add the search url of torrentz.com, mininova.org, or any tracker you like.

search xtorrent

A Fresh Look

A look at xTorrent’s interface while downloading. Notice the “progress square” instead of the well known progress bar.

xtorrent download

Call it BT Client 2.0 or whatever you like, but the UI of Xtorrent is different from most BitTorrent clients we have right now. It has the Web2.0-ish look. The User Interface is like that of Acquisition, David Watanabe’s other (paid) filesharing application by. Definitely a refreshing look, compared to most BitTorrent clients out there.

We have to wait until the first Beta is released to actually compare Xtorrent’s features and performance to the currently available Mac OSX clients.


Stay tuned…


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