ShareMonkey Helps People Buy Their Pirated Content

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Sharemonkey is a new application that helps pirates in tracking down and purchasing the items they have downloaded on P2P networks. Sharemonkey has indexed more than 500,000 of the most shared mp3s and over 200,000 movies that are available on P2P networks, and it also works for games and books.

sharemonkeyShareMonkey is developed by Leadbullet, a peer to peer startup company that aims is to provide an easy mechanism for people to legitimately purchase their pirated warez.

ShareMonkey is a freeware application, and it comes with a plugin that integrates the service with Shareaza. The application is currently Windows only and adds a “where is this file from” to the right click context menu. If you lookup a file ShareMonkey searches their online database and matches the pirated file to a DVD or CD that you can buy online.

The philosophy behind the application is that most pirates want to “try before they buy”. But I doubt if this application will be very useful, since ShareMonkey only redirects to products Amazon, which is not very revolutionary. Pirates do not just want to try before they buy, they want their DVD, game or music album on demand, wherever they want, whenever they want. It would be good if they go beyond Amazon and add support for online music and video services where people can download legal digital copies instantly.


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