Shut Down By FACT, Private Torrent Tracker Raps Goodbye

The Hollywood-backed Federation Against Copyright Theft has shut down yet another UK-based torrent site but they won’t disappear without a final song.

factbanner1While it’s usually expected that the MPAA, RIAA and IFPI will travel the world making life difficult for file-sharing sites, in recent months it has been one of the movie industry’s proxies causing most of the trouble.

The Federation Against Copyright Theft, more commonly known as FACT, has caused the shutdown of plenty of sites this year and has recently teamed up with City of London Police on a new initiative.

In September they were flexing their muscles again, this time to close down the private tracker Scene Inspired. A source close to the site told TorrentFreak that FACT paid a senior site member a visit early one morning with a familiar demand.

“FACT ‘politely’ asked us to stop and hand over our domain or else,” we were told.

“Scene Inspired was only a small site and in no position to fight so had to bow to their request. The site will remain closed indefinitely.”

Checking the domain records today for reveals that FACT took over the domain on September 23.

As a final goodbye, Scene Inspired’s Mad Cotto has uploaded the following track to YouTube which covers some of the site’s history, including the sad passing of one of their admins in 2011.


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