Snakebite: Web-Served torrents

Snakebite will pimp your web-server into a torrent creator, and supports web-seeding. The snakebite project is one of the results of the successful Google Summer of Code program.

Here’s how it works

1. Install snakebite on your server (Debian only at this point)

2. Upload a file. and Snakebite will automatically create a .torrent for the file.

3. Share the file using BitTorrent. The torrents will appear on a “links” page. You can share this page with your friends, or link to the .torrent on your website or blog.

snakebiteOne of the advantages af Snakebite are that you can seed the files on your webserver, this is especially useful if you want the .torrent to be available even without you seeding. Another advantage of Snakebite is that you don’t have to create a .torrent manually.

More details about Snakebite can be found over here (+download section).

The only problem is that you need a web-server. People who don’t have their own server, but do like the features, could try paid services like Amazon S3 and MoveDigital.


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