Snarf Died, the torrent site that was created by the hardcore members of the Suprnovaforums died. The site recently reopened exactly 1 year after the famous BitTorrent site ‘’ died. It ressurected after the site was relocated to stay out of legal troubles. Snarf-it, was becoming a synonym for change over the past year.

Snarf-it went through a lot of changes, updates, extensions, revisions and additions. They were trying to give their users what they needed, but at the same time they didn’t manage to grow as big as they probably wanted. After the recent torrentsite attacks the Snarf team decided that it was time to move away from torrent hosting.

The domain, torrent database, the scripts and spiders are for sale now, so if your interested– .

The snarf-team now moves on with their sideprojects like imagehosting, blogger accounts, and a tech news site called wiredfire. Not really revolutionary stuff, but I’m sure that a part of the snarf/suprnova community will stay true.

Bye Snarf.


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