Snarf-it Disappeared, Servers Seized?

The popular BitTorrent site is down at the moment. Apparently some incompetent people at the datacentre messed up the server.

At we read this funny coverstory:

Where is Snarf-It? Your guess is as good as ours, at some point last night our database servers disappeared, and we really mean disappeared. The data centre where they are stored is not telling us anything and they are not replying to our calls or emails. We are at this point quite paranoid and thinking the worst (possibly that the servers have been siezed), we just don’t know. We are preparing to take flight to Havana where our new lives await us under Fidel’s regime (he want’s to open a Cuban torrent site to piss of the White House).

However, sources within the Snarf-it team confirmed to TorrentFreak that there is nothing to worry about. Snarf-it will be back as soon as possible, most likely this friday.

Update: The Snarf-it admins posted an update confirming our story

READ ALL ABOUT IT! Our downtime certainly has caused a few people to freak out, relax, take it easy. We haven’t been raided but we have lost our RAID so we are rebuilding some indexes and transferring them to the new server which has 6 x 36gb raptors in RAID 50, that should help us should this happen again. We plan to be back for the weekend, we can’t have you TorrentFreaks going cold turkey now can we!

Seriously though, thank you all for your concern and emails, when the shit hit the fan it was nice to have words of encouragement from our users, makes it all worthwhile :). Lastly we have decided that the Snarf does indeed have a place with Snarf-It still and as such we will install him back on the site as it’s mascot, see you soon!


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