Software Piracy in 1985

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I found an interesting episode of the computer chronicles about software piracy back in 1985. A true classic!

frankie mouse computer pirateThis episode of the computer chronicles features Frankie Mouse, the Computer Pirate. Frankie explains what being a software pirate in 1985 is all about. Frankie even shows off with his cracked version of his Apple II software.

Another interesting guest is John T Draper, also known as “Captain Crunch” and once listed in the “top twenty hackers” of all time by Newsweek. Draper started hacking telephone lines in the early seventies, skills he later taught Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak even before they founded Apple. Draper also developed EasyWriter the first word processor for the Apple II and the IBM PC.

A very interesting video to watch for people who are interested in “software piracy in the old days”. Unfortunately I haven’t spotted a torrent yet, but you can download the episode in different formats at


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