Steal This Show S02E03: The Cyberpunk Hustle

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Today we bring you the next episode of the Steal This Show podcast, discussing the latest file-sharing and copyright trends and news. In this episode we talk to Jim Munroe, science fiction author, film director and games designer.

stslogo180Jim Munroe is a Canadian science fiction author, film director and games designer. He publishes his work independently under the imprint No Media Kings.

Join us as we discuss why an ex-Sony exec loves piracy and if that marks the end of the cool pirate.

In addition we talk about why Millennials won’t pay for content or watch adverts, and how to make them love creators; and how your operating system can be used to operate YOU – and not just by stopping you from pirating.

Finally Jim discusses his new interactive fiction creation software Texture (try it! it’s free!), and his virtual reality sci-fi series Haphead, offering some great tips for creators looking to keep their heads in our dirty, digital world.

Steal This Show aims to release bi-weekly episodes featuring insiders discussing copyright and file-sharing news. It complements our regular reporting by adding more room for opinion, commentary and analysis.

The guests for our news discussions will vary and we’ll aim to introduce voices from different backgrounds and persuasions. In addition to news, STS will also produce features interviewing some of the great innovators and minds.

Host: Jamie King

Guest: Jim Munroe

Produced by Jamie King
Edited & Mixed by Riley Byrne
Original Music by David Triana
Web Production by Siraje Amarniss


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