SuperTorrents Admin Calls it Quits, Site to Rebrand

After nine years of operation, the admin of long-standing private tracker SuperTorrents says he’s had enough.

In the torrent world, running a site that lasts anywhere near a decade is quite an achievement but that’s something accomplished by SuperTorrents founder Ersan.

The private tracker was founded more than nine years ago and has survived a few dramas, including a very public spat in 2007 which saw hackers allegedly send $2,000 of the site’s donations to a religious group.

But now it’s all coming to an end – sort of.

“I created SuperTorrents over 9 years ago when I was 16 and still in high school with the help of some people that are no longer affiliated with the site,” Ersan announced yesterday.

“Roughly 3-4 years ago I stopped working on it and moved on to other, more legitimate things and I’ve been looking to distance myself from SuperTorrents for some time now.”

Ersan says that the site suffered money problems during the past year after it stopped accepting donations. Additional problems were caused when the site’s host, PRQ, had their PayPal account shutdown and could only accept cash via bank transfer. This, Ersan said, led him to the decision to part company with the site.

“As I have not been running it for 3-4 years, I’ve given the team currently running the site access to the database and allowed them to make a new website using it that does not bear any affiliation to me, or the SuperTorrents/ST brand in general. I believe they intend to keep all accounts and ratios/ranks as they were, but that is subject to change,” he explained.

The new site will be called and should be up in the days to come.

“Thanks for sticking with us all these years, and I wish the current team good luck on their endeavor,” Ersan concludes.


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