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Six Ways File-Sharers Will Neutralize 3 Strikes

After extended legal battles, France's President Sarkozy finally got his way. This year will see some of the most aggressive anti-piracy action against citizens which, if ministers are to be believed, will dramatically reduce online piracy. This might be possible, if the measures weren't so easily circumvented.

France Passes New 3 Strikes Anti-Piracy Bill

After its initial adoption in May, the original version of the "3 strikes" Hadopi anti-piracy legislation was struck down by France’s highest legal authority after declaring the proposals unconstitutional. A modified version of the bill was accepted in July by the Senate and today it was passed in the National…

ISP Threatens Legal Action Against UK Over Anti-Piracy Plans

Peter Mandelson confirmed yesterday that illicit file-sharers could have their Internet connections severed as part of the government's aims to reduce piracy by 70% in 2 years. TalkTalk, the UK's second largest ISP, is said to be dismayed at the decision and is now threatening legal action over what it…

France Rejects 3 Strikes Anti-Piracy Law

Last week, the French Parliament passed a new law requiring Internet service providers to cut off Internet access for persistent copyright offenders. Since the parliament voted in favor of the law, everyone - including the most fanatical critics - believed that it would easily pass through Senate and the National…

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