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BitTorrent Crackdown: Police Raid Private Tracker, Others Shut Down

Anti-piracy group Antipiratbyrån is making good on its threats to take file-sharing sites offline in Sweden. During the last 48 hours, police in Sweden and the Netherlands swooped on key staff and hardware connected to a long-standing private BitTorrent tracker. As yet another popular eBook site closes, famous tracker Scene…

Pirate Bay Nemesis Has Name Changed By Pranksters

Antipiratbyrån lawyer Henrik Pontén, one of the Pirate Bay's arch rivals, had quite a surprise recently when he received an unexpected piece of mail. The letter from the Swedish tax authority informed him that his request for a name change had been accepted and from now on, he would be…

Anti-Piracy Lawyer Hails Biggest Pirate Movie Bust

Henrik Pontén, lawyer for Sweden's Anti-Piracy Bureau (Antipiratbyrån), is celebrating following the seizure of a server containing around 10,000 movies. He is describing the haul as the biggest ever in Sweden's history, probably the largest in Europe, and set to disrupt supplies to The Pirate Bay.

Three Arrested In Connection With ‘Darkside’ File-Sharing Servers

This week Swedish police arrested three individuals on suspicion of copyright infringements. The trio are suspected of having connections to 'Scene' warez servers known as 'Darkside'. According to anti-piracy group Antipiratbyrån, the servers carried huge amounts of data making the case the biggest so far in Sweden, and possibly in…

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