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Wrongly Blocked Websites to Be Added to ISP Whitelist, UK Govt Says

The controversial website filtering systems operated by the UK's major Internet service providers have wrongfully blocked many sites, this one included, since their introduction in recent months. In response to the problem the government now says it will introduce a website white-list system so innocent domains aren't automatically blocked in…

MPAA Prepares to Bring Pirate Site Blocking to the U.S.

The MPAA is in discussions with the major movie studios over ways to introduce site blocking to the United States. TorrentFreak has learned that the studios will try to achieve website blockades using principles available under existing law. Avoiding another SOPA-style backlash is high on the agenda.

‘The Pirate Bay Dancing’ Add-On Killls DNS and IP Blockades

Efforts to censor the Internet are increasing in the Western world. In the US lawmakers are currently discussing legislation (SOPA/PIPA) that could take out The Pirate Bay, or disable access to it. In several other countries such as Italy, Finland and Belgium, courts have already ordered Internet Providers to block…

EU Court: ISPs Can Be Forced to Block Pirate Sites

In a verdict handed down today the Court of Justice of the European Union confirmed that EU Internet service providers can be required to block access to sites engaged in copyright infringement. The decision follows the advice of the Advocate General in a case involving the now-defunct streaming site Kino.to.

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