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Canadian ISPs and VPNs Now Have to Alert Pirating Customers

Starting today Canadian Internet providers are required to forward copyright infringement notices to their subscribers. This notification scheme provides a safe harbor for ISPs but is also expected to result in a surge in piracy settlement schemes. The new law further causes trouble for VPN providers, who are now required…

Canada Set For Mass BitTorrent Lawsuits, Anti-Piracy Company Warns

Following an important court ruling last week, thousands of Canadians are now at risk of being exposed to mass BitTorrent lawsuits. That's the message from the boss an anti-piracy outfit who says is company has been monitoring BitTorrent networks for infringements and has amassed data on millions of users. The…

Canada Wants VPNs to Log and Warn Pirating Customers

Canada is moving forward with the implementation of its new copyright bill, which spells trouble for VPN providers based in the North American country. Under the new legislation Internet providers and VPN services will be required to log customers for at least six months, and forward takedown notices they receive…

“Canada Remains A Safe Haven For Online Piracy”

The MPAA, RIAA and other entertainment industry groups keep hammering on Canada for its lacking anti-piracy enforcement. The groups label Canada a "safe haven" for both file-sharers and online pirate sites, and ask the U.S. Government to intervene.

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